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Welcome to Jim's Penis Central
-- where the Penis is Central but which closed in January 2006 --
now with certain subsites REOPENING SOON!

This site closed to new members on 18 January 2006, and all multi-month memberships have also expired. Although we were, obviously, EXTREMELY upset that we had to take this action, we are now extremely pleased to announce that certain of its subsites will be REOPENING in the next few months. Two NEW small sites have already opened!!

Here are the sites which are new and/or reopening soon:

Now open!


Naked Rikko being photographed by 4 naked guys

Now open!


Tom naked at street fair next to huge penis

Reopening soon!


Into the foreskin, out the tush

Below are links to the remnants of our previous sites, some of whose preview pages (etc.) are still kinda sorta working.

Bare bear hugs to all of you!

-- Jim W.

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